Cuba on ice. Naturally it is served in cocktails at the beach bar.
But for the islands residents, keeping things in a cold, solid state
is a matter of survival and constitutes a daily struggle.
Refrigerators are passed down from one generation to another,
caringly maintained and restored.
They form the centre of the household
and confront their owners  with the energy woes
of a land that finds itself isolated at the end of the Cold War,
no longer able to trade sugar for oil:
Ice is civilization.




Here the video clip of the "FRIO SONG"
which produced especially for the sound track of
LOS REFRIGERADORES - Cuba on the Rocks.
Text and Interpretation: El Medico,
Music Composition and Mix: DJ Alex,
Music and Video production, Camera: Thomas Lehner.
Editing: Elke Rittenschober & T.Lehner


LOS REFRIGERADORES - Cuba on the Rocks.


A movie about antique refrigerators in Cuba of today.

Documentary, 95 minutes,

Production, photography and direction: Thomas Lehner
Assistant director: Caridad Noblet-Delisle
Book: Thomas Lehner, Reinhard Jud
Editor: Thomas Lehner, Sigi Stütz
Music: El Medico, Dj Alex, Mego


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